Why we love pipe bands :)
If you want to submit any, put it in my ask, email
pipebands@hotmail.com or submit them to emilyerin-imagine.tumblr.com

Wow I havent posted anything in forever! Sorry guys! Ill get back on track as soon as possible


Scratch the Call me Maybe outside the circle :( I need to pick a different song. Someone else is doing that song already!


treeofmylife: wooooooo I'll be seeing you there then!! poor bron....I'll be having a pint for her and wishing she was with us!

Wahooo. We’ll have to have a pint together for her, at the todd! haha

bronweena: and also... dating your pipe major... hahahaha


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Anonymous: pipebandproblems: blisters from new drum heads aaannnddd that awkward period where your brand new drum harness isn't moulded to you yet

Ohhh yeah, my dad is always messing around with his harness when he gets a new one.
Thanks !

bronweena: putting on and tuning brand new bass heads... THE PAIN... actually, tuning your own bass drum in general. by ear. without assistance.

Oh maaan, sounds painfull. I could never do that lol.
Luckily our bass drummer does alllll the tuning for us haha

Juuust so everyone knows..

This blog is ‘things WE love about pipe bands’ and lately, from one certain person ive been getting some negative comments about my band. Im no longer answering them, because this blog is about something we all have in common, which is loving pipe bands. 

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So i share a twitter with my friend Erin called @pipebandprobz, and we need some ideas! What are your pipe band problems? Let me know :)

bronweena: hahaha dooo itt! i'll be looking out for you :P nah i haven't been, and probs wont be able to go for a couple more years now because a) i need a band that needs a bass drummer if i want to play and b) my uni holidays are naaahhhtt convenient for the worlds :(

looool. Oh truee, that sucks man :(! 

bronweena: you and kate are going to be at worlds, i'm going to be at home crying that i'm not there :( however, we just got an epic sound system put in our house and i figured out how to connect a computer to it so the worlds party is at my house... still... waahhhh

Awwwh dang! Thats good though, i had a sick set up to watch the worlds last year! Not as good as being there though, have you been?
Ill do a dance or something on camera for you LOL